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"Manju and Manu are a great team that will help capture the special moments of your event. We loved all the photos taken and it never felt like I had to do special poses, just capturing the raw emotions :) love how they used the natural light to achieve natural shots. Thank you guys ❤️❤️❤️💖"

- Grace Chia

"Dragonfly photographers are very professional and fun to be with. They have helped us with our post wedding photos, new born photos, birthday and several such occasions. They delivered the photos soon after the event. Highly recommended!"

- Priyanka Mehta Jha

"Dragonfly is great photography. Took post wedding pictures for my wife and I in late December. It was a very chilly day with beautiful sunrise and all the pictures turned out amazing. They had so many great ideas of different styles for the pictures and also let us do anything we wanted as well."

- Arun Jayaprakash

"We were very pleased with our family photo session. Our photographers were flexible and fun but at all times professional and efficient. They suggested wonderful locations with optimal lighting options. The photos were great! We’d definitely use them again!"

- Karen McDowell

"We were very blessed to have Dragonfly Photography at our wedding. It was one of the easiest photo taking experience that my wife and I ever had. They were very flexible, fuss-free and seemed to know what we needed (even though we didn't say much). The pictures came out beautiful and they serve as a good photojournal for us in the long run. Thank you, Manu & Manju!"

- Tian Chang

"I have engaged Dragonfly services on several occasions - birthday parties, new born photoshoot, family, pre- and post pregnancy shoots. I would especially recommend them for kids shoots as they are super good with them and bring out the character."

- Shweta Agarwala

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About Dragonfly Photography

Photography is our passion, one of the reasons we look forward for the next day in life. We enjoy every bit of it, right from venturing out for a photo shoot, till we publish the very final product (or deliver it to the client). It changed the way we look at the world.

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Who's behind the lens?

Manu Ignatius

If I were allowed to do one and only one thing in my life, it would be photography; that way I can travel around the world as well as click pictures, the way I always wanted.

Manju Venugopal

I love people, with all their eccentricities and life secrets; how everyone is so different, given similar circumstance. That's what makes our world so interesting. I enjoy taking portraits of people, it is another way for me to take a closer look at them.